Undertow - Sidsel Endresen

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A classic entry in Sidsel's unique canon, and a firm fan favourite.

The album is a further development of the work she did on her ECM albums ("So I Write"-90 and "Exile"-94) and her six year collaboration with keyboardist Bugge Wesseltoft ("Nightsong"-94 and "Duplex Ride"-98).


Sidsel wanted this album to have stronger rhythmic elements and more outspoken vocals than her previous releases - although the album also contains material room for the fragility and beauty in her delivery. The songs are mostly developed through improvisation with her group - where the idea was to integrate vocals, lyrics and instruments with less defined areas for vocal parts and instrumental "soloes", so on to keep the vocal freedom. The harmonic structures are simpler than on her previous recordings and have a definite learning towards her roots in the singer/songwriter traditions.


Sidsel Endresen - Vocals
Patrick Shaw Iversen - Flute & Loops
Roger Ludvigsen - Guitars, Bass & Percussion
Audun Kleive - Drums, Percussion & Loops
Bugge Wesseltoft - Keys & Percussion
Nils Petter Molvær - Trumpet

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