Folk - Ola Kvernberg Trio

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The 2nd Jazzland album by a unique trio led by one of the finest Jazz violinists around.

Two years has gone since Ola Kvernberg Trio released the critically acclaimed Night Driver. Since then, Ola has contributed to more than 15 albums and toured with more than 30 different constellations (Jimmy Carl Black, Joshua Redman, Erlend Skomsvoll, Thomas Dybdahl and Jo Nesbø, to mention a few.) I addition to this, he composed and recorded the full score for the movie "Nord" (Erlend Loe) - the only norwegian contribution at this years Berlin Film Festival.


Together with Steinar Raknes (double bass) and Erik Nylander (drums), his new record Folk continues to challenge the genres and take another step towards a both clearer and more personal direction. Folk is a double hommage - one for his musical roots, and one for his biggest inspirational source; people. The album consists of eight named musical portraits, and continues in the landscape of melancholy Night Driver established in 2006. On Folk, Ola once again shows his rare talent of building bridges between genres most people would consider being contradictions, and more than any of his earlier releases, Folk manages to capture the nearness, energy and playfullness that has trademarked the bands numerous concerts.

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