Melting Sound - Frøydis Grorud

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Superb woodwind specialist, Frøydis Grorud's Jazzland Recordings debut - already one of 2012's most acclaimed albums!

Beautiful, hugely critically acclaimed jazz album from saxophonist, flautist, composer and arranger Frøydis Grorud, well known from Beat For Beat on NRK and her collaborations with many prominent artists. Melting Sound is a melting pot of sounds and expression from the frontiers between modern lyrical jazz, classical and folk music - the atmosphere spans many moods with expressiveness and clarity within intense, vibrant improvisations. Flute and saxophone take centrestage, and by using its unique "singing-playing technique" Grorud creates a unique sound world. The album features piano magician Bugge Wesseltoft as producer, guest musician and composer, as well as Torjus Vierli on piano, Magne Thormodsæter on bass and Torstein Lofthus on drums. Vocalist Torun Eriksen also guests on the song "I See You", her own translation and interpretation of Eidsvågs "Eg Ser."

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