Neon - Rob Van De Wouw

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The Jazzland debut of Rob Van De Wouw (in collaboration with Embrace Recordings): ESSENTIAL!

On March 26th 'Neon', the new album by Rob van de Wouw is brought out. The album is released worldwide on the Norwegian label "Jazzland" of pianist / composer and pioneer of electronic music Bugge Wesseltoft. 'Neon' is the first release of a Dutch act on this label! This is done in collaboration with Embrace Recordings.

Bugge Wesseltoft on the collaboration:

Jazzland Recordings is very happy to announce Rob Van De Wouw as a part our music family! Us being a rather small record label from the polar area that is focused since the very beginning on reaching a global audience and hooking up with artists and musicians working in the same musical field as we do. Mixing organic improvised jazz and electronic music elements; Rob does that so well being a fantastic trumpet player and showing great interest in new musical ideas and fresh sounds. Meeting Rob one rainy afternoon at Bimhuis in Amsterdam was the perfect example of our dream joining the dedicated global network of musicians and listeners.. Welcome to Jazzland Rob! We are so glad for your interest in collaborating with us. Now I can’t wait for us all to meet musically on stage.

Rob van de Wouw is known as a musical innovator, but never neglects his (jazz) roots. Even more so; it provides a solid foundation to his electro jazz. The previous album was a collaboration with producer Mark de Clive-Lowe. For 'Neon' Rob decided to work with people in his immediate musical surrounding. With producer / keyboardist Wiboud Burkens and drummer / beat creator Ruben van Roon, Rob wrote all compositions and production. Together with bassist Manuel Hugas, this trio form the foundation for improvisations of the musical director and namesake of the band.

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