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Back by public demand, Come Shine release their finest album yet!

Finally: Come Shine return with their first studio album in 12 years!


Thanks to public demand, Grammy Award winners Come Shine are ready to release their first studio album since 2002. The 16th March will see a bringing together of band, guests, friends, and the public at gala concert at the Norwegian Opera House.


An expanded Come Shine presents its new album repertoire in a unique experience on the opera's main stage in March. With them on this long-awaited album release comes Jan Erik Vold, as well as other guests and musicians.


"This evening will be a celebration. Come Shine is back and ready for concerts - and especially the album release," says Live Maria Roggen, the band's singer "This concert is simply a gift to ourselves and everyone who likes our music."


The magic lives on - thrives, even!

Come Shine were known for their fearless and imaginative versions of standard jazz songs since from the beginning of their career with their 1999 debut. In 2004, the quartet took a break , but since 2011 they have been performing again.


"We needed a break to develop as individual musicians in our own space," Live Maria Roggen explains. "But when we started playing together, we got right into it again - incredibly fast."

As though they had never been away... Dagbladet's Terje Mosnes confirmed this in his review after hearing Come Shine play the opening concert at the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2011:


"... [Come Shine] used exactly 17 seconds to confirm that the magic of the golden age is still there and showed solidarity, teamwork, improvisational joy, and gamble with what jazz can be when the moorings are loosened."


Equally playful but even freer

Now, play pleasure to hear on the plate. In August, Live Maria Roggen, along with Sondre Meisfjord (bass), Earl Mjåset Johansen (drums) and Erlend Skomsvoll (piano), entered the recording studio to revive musical gems in new guises. Four days in the legendary Atlantis Studio in Stockholm resulted in a new album.


"Traditionally, we interpret old songs and shape them as desired," says Roggen. "But unlike previously, we are now even freer and more playful in terms of genre and expression."


The band is looking forward to the musical celebration at the Opera House, and isn't nervous regarding their recording comeback after so many years.


"You know when a group of people achieve something greater than the sum of each individual in it?" Asks pianist Erlend Skomsvoll. "That's how has it been for us to play together again, and now we sound better than ever!"


Come Shine is also looking at playing at various festivals and concert venues in the spring of 2014. The new material rounds out an impressive repertoire.

The album features Come Shine's unique takes on standards, each one taking the listener through familiar territory  that, with their considered and joyful revision, seems utterly new. The mood shifts through dark whimsy, poignant and emotive interpretations, gutsy riffing, and a certain sheen that is at once magical, inspiring, touching and a pleasure to behold.


For pictures or more information contact:

Kulturmeglerne ved Sigrun Agøy Engum, 971 82 242.


About Come Shine

- Come Shine was established in Trondheim in 1998, and debuted at Vossajazz 1999.

- The band consists of:

o Live Maria Roggen ( vocals) .

o Erlend Skomsvoll (piano )

o Sondre Meisfjord ( bass)

o Mjåset Håkon Johansen ( drums)

- The musicians all have a background in the jazz department at the University.

- The quartet has been nationally recognized for its imaginative and innovative interpretations of jazz standards.

- Come Shine has released three albums :

o Come Shine (2001 )

o Do Do That Voodoo (2002 )

o Come Shine With The Norwegian Radio Orchestra In Concert (2003 )

- In 2002 the band won a Grammy Award in the category of jazz album for "Do Do That Voodoo".

- Come Shine took a hiatus from 2004 to 2011.

- In 2014 they release their 4th album, the first studio album in 12 years.

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